Aerial Video and Photo Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you fly indoors?

A: Yes. We often fly indoors and can safely fly thru larger doorways as well.

Q: Can you fly at night?

A: Yes! We have a night time operations certificate/waiver and can fly any time day or night.

Q: Can you fly on or near the Las Vegas Strip?

A: Yes! We are able to fly the strip and downtown. Special permission is needed and there may be an additional fee to process.

Q: Can you fly my/our camera on your drone?

A: Most likely the answer is yes. There are size constraints to be considered, but most cameras can be flown using the right airframe and gimbal combination.

Q: What happens if a motor fails or stops?

A: The reason we fly hexacopter and octocopter airframes is mostly due to redundancy offered by having 6 or more motors. If any motor were to fail in flight, the craft would continue to fly controllably and without incident. If a motor were to fail on the Inspire 2, it would continue to fly but would need to be landed ASAP as it would be spinning rapidly. The craft would still be controllable however.

Q: I have my own drone and or other aerial equipment, can I hire you to fly it?

A: Most of the time yes. Your gear must be of good quality, in good functional condition and properly assembled. UAV insurance may also be required.

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Ben Ellingson