Aerial Drone Delivery Services

Amazon is not the only company seeking to use drone technology. Impress your group and colleges with our drone delivery service. Create an unforgettable presentation showcasing the future of drone and UAV technology. We can safely carry packages up to 20lbs and will custom fabricate a release mechanism to put your payload on target.


Home Depot Drone Delivery

Using a large hexacopter, we delivered a gallon of the latest Rust-oleum paint to a Home Depot executive. It was a very short flight only lasting about 40 seconds but was a hit with the several thousands of attendees.

Salesforce: Dreamforce ’14: Coca-Cola Drone Delivery

With over 140,000 registered attendees, the Coke Delivery Drone was a huge crowd pleaser.

Now delivering awesome via drone…

Whether it’s a gallon of the newest hi-tech paint, a bottle of the finest bubbly, a rack-mounted network appliance or just a Coke and a smile, we deliver an extraordinary performance every time.

“I stand by my work and guarantee quality results and absolute satisfaction. Call today for more information or a quote.


Ben Ellingson